Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seasonal Stitching

I've been in a fall mood for at least a month now.  In just one day, my wish comes true, and fall will actually be here, and for probably the first time ever I actually have stitching done in time to enjoy during the season.  Well, ok, I still have to do some finish-finishing.  Anyhoo, this is just a quick post, since I'm actually supposed to be walking out the door and getting to work right now.

Before the pics, I want to share a really positive shopping experience.  Over the weekend I placed an order with Wendy, from Pineberry Lane.  She designed a super cute sampler influenced by the Samplermakers Autumn Challenge, and I was drawn to the alphabet on its side.  While I was looking around on her site, I found a few more things.  What really impressed me was the speed.  The pattern was emailed to me promptly, despite the disclaimer on her site that it could take up to 48 hours (and it was a weekend to boot, I expect people to enjoy their weekends and not totally cater to my whims).  But what really blew me away was having a package in my mailbox on Wednesday with the other little goodies, and the packaging.  Lots of bubblewrap to protect items, cardstock tip protectors on the scissors, and the cutest tissue paper and sprig of dried flowers, tied with twine, wrapping the scissors.

Timing was perfect, since one of the items I had ordered was some walnut crystals, and I only had a few more stitches to put into Chessie & Me's Pumpkin Row.
And here's the result after the walnut experiment.  I scanned both of these so the lighting conditions would be exactly the same.

The other seasonal stitching piece I finished was a freebie.  Remember that gingham fabric I really wanted, and then coffee dyed?  Here it is.  And those cute little scissors, those came from Pineberry Lane.

Last quick pic, then I really need to get out the door.  I finished Part 4 of the iStitch SAL.  Not a huge accomplishment, since the part was so small, almost annoyingly small.  Once I go to the effort of getting a project out, onto the Q-snaps, and me stationed in my stitching chair with the project in the frame, I'd at least like to do a fair amount of stitching, not 10 min worth.  Oh well, at least I'll get Part 5 on time.  Seeing those cute little scissors again gets me back in a better mood.


Siobhan said...

Nice finishes! I like the fabric after you've dyed it--looks great.

Penny said...

Chessie & Me and Pineberry Lane are two of my favorite designers. I love how your Pumpkin Row looks after dyeing-also love how the freebie looks on the gingham! Haven't been bitten by the scissor bug yet, but those are cute:)

Myra said...

I really love the effect of the walnut crystals on that fabric - fabulous! Love the gingham piece too. You have me wanting to stitch Autumn things.

Carol said...

Your crow finish looks fabulous on the gingham fabric, Mindi! And what an amazing aging job the walnut crystals did--I'll have to check those out...

Shari said...

love the blackbird pumpkin piece!!! I have that pattern my to do pile, which is getting huge!!!!
I have IDA & IRA kitted up....I love your pillow idea!!