The Endless List of WIPs

Barbara Ana - Snooty Parrots (started January 2014)
BBD - Stockings
BBD - 2008 Loose Feathers Bonus Patterns
BBD - Peacock Pinkeep (I hate the colors I started this with, but its 85% done)
BBD - Anniversaries of the Heart
Birds of a Feather - L'Hiver
CCN - Santa's Village (series of 12 - started December 2012)
CHS - Alphabet
CHS - A Quaker Study
CHS - Elizabeth Minnich's Decorated Towel (not even sure I have this started, just the basting in the fabric)
CHS - Shores of Hawk Run Hollow
CHS - Village of Hawk Run Hollow
Crown & Thistle Quaker - Love Letters pocket (not in love with this anymore, it was a retreat project)
European Reproduction Samplers - Papa (started August 2013)
Examplars from the Heart - The Needle Charmer
Haselmere Museum - Mary Gibson 1824
Ink Circles - Dutch Beast (hate the orange in this, and most of the other colors)
Ink Circles - Cirque des Coeurs (Started February 2013)
Jeanette Douglas - My Story (not a priority, its packed in the "I probably won't touch this for a year" box)
La D Da - I Pledge
Lizzie Kate - 6 Fat Men
Long Dog Samplers - Spirit of Vierlande
Long Dog Samplers - Paradigm Lost
Merry Cox - Sweet Little Blossoms
Midsummer Night Designs - Liberty
Midsummer Night Designs - A Patriot's Sampler
Milady's Needle - M. Woods (Started July 2013)
My Own Design - Fall Sampler
Needleprint - Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler
Needleprint - Hannah Westcombe
Plum Street Samplers - Paradise Lost
Prairie Moon - Thine is the Trick and the Treat
Prairie Schooler - 12 Days of Christmas ornaments
Prairie Schooler - St. Nicholas ornaments (series of 8)
Praiseworthy Stitches - The Skating Party
Queenstown Sampler Designs - Elizabeth J M Mears
Queenstown Sampler Designs - Mary Whitaker 1805
Samplers Remembered - Mary Allen 1818
Samplers Remembered - Chili Pepper Sampler - Maria Blaza Moran 1820
Scarlet Letter - Emma Miles 1848
Scarlet Letter - Dorothy Walpole
Scarlet Letter - Elizabeth Sheffield
Scarlet Letter - Jane Rees
Scarlet Letter - Ann Smith
Shakespeare's Peddler - Sarah Woodham 1770
Shakespeare's Peddler - Spanish Mystery Sampler
Shakespeare's Peddler - Jenny Bean's Friendship Sampler
Sheepish Designs -Uncle Sam Wabbit
Shepherd's Bush -Assorted heart charts (to be joined together for 1 framed piece)
Shepherd's Bush - Pink Snowman (not started, but plan on framing the 3 together)
Shepherd's Bush - Red Snowman
Shepherd's Bush - Green Snowman (not started, but plan on framing the 3 together)
Shepherd's Bush - Her Blessings
Shepherd's Bush - Victorian Band Sampler (blue)
Shepherd's Bush - Angel's Song
Shepherd's Bush - 2012 Retreat Christmas Project
The Spinning Monkey - Hannah Horsfall 1809 (sort of lost the Quaker bug, but might get back to this)
Various Assorted Halloween smalls
Various Assorted Christmas smalls
With My Needle - Bunnies in the Garden
With Thy Needle & Thread - Merry and  Bright (started Jan 2014, finished Jan 2014)
With Thy Needle & Thread - Fall Sampler of the Season
With Thy Needle & Thread - Snow Day
With Thy Needle & Thread - Word Play series

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