Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dare I say it?

Have I turned into a 1 (or 2) at a time girl?  I pulled out Eve's Garden because of the fabric count was easy on my eyes, but now I can't stop working on it.  First Elizabeth Burrows was a start and stitch until finished project, now its looking like the same with Eve's Garden.

Shepherds Bush Eve's Garden

Last weekend Dad and I went to a behind the scenes tour at the Midway, open only for museum members.  It was a lot of fun, starting out with coffee and pastries since we had to get there so early.  We were able to see 6 areas normally closed off to the public - fire room, engine room, arresting gear room, aft bake shop, damage control central, and I can't remember the last area.

Midway's Damage Control Central, with dad in the blue jacket on the right
Midway engine room

We still had some paid parking time after the tour, so walked around a bit.

Fantail Cafe on the Midway, seen from the shore

Huge private yacht, 1 of 4 owned by a Russian oil tycoon

San Diego tuna fleet - these guys have a lot of history and were drafted during WWII

The Kiss - its actually erected now.  There was a ceremony this morning
Stitching has been a bit slow for a few days.  The cooking gods decided it was time for a blood sacrifice to ensure my food is delicious.  I just wish it wasn't the thumb on my right hand.  Not a knife this time, just a cheapo mandoline since my good ones are in storage.

Dinner the night this happened (Wed) was seared pork chops with sauteed apples and a Calvados pan sauce.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Santa #1 is stitched (but needs finished)

Santa #2 is started

I love these Prairie Schooler Santas, and even only working on them 1 day a week, they still stitch up quickly.  I'm holding off on the finishing for now, since I'm stitching the whole series on the same piece of fabric.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


My plan was to work on Jane Rees.

What actually happening is I'm working on Shepherd's Bush Eve's Garden.

My plan was to knock out my Social Responsibility class quickly.

What's actually happening is I'm taking lots of break from the computer and getting some stitched things finish-finished.

Why am I not sticking to my plans?  My eyes - they're bothering me again.  I can't handle 40 count linen right now, but Eve's Garden is on 32 count.  Reading on the computer monitor hurts my eyes after a bit, so I take breaks and try to work on the pile of stitched items that need finishing.

Charlene created a fantastic blog that has been very motivating - Stitched: Now to Finish

Valentine designs stitched last year, BBD stitched 2 or 3 years ago

With Thy Needle and Thread Home for the Holiday
stitched 4 years ago

Cuffed and lined stocking

I've also been painting my nails!  I ruin a manicure faster than you can say snap, so I don't usually paint my nails.   Mom hated this color (Orly Night Owl - a taupey-grey with some shimmer), I liked it.

I've also been baking.  Easy-peasy whole wheat bacon cheddar scones.  The weather was gorgeous on Sunday, so we had breakfast outside.

I'll leave you with a snap of "rescued" trimmings from the flowering apple tree.  Dad decided to scalp trim it.  I wasn't sure if the buds would open up, but they did.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Elizabeth Burrows finish

I chose to skip Santa Sunday stitching so I could finish up Elizabeth Burrows.  She had been so close to a finish for the last week, but I'd either been working on other things, or just not stitching.  I'm sure my current Santa won't mind, since he received attention on Saturday instead.  I chose to add a band at the bottom as my "signature" instead of changing any of the original initials.

I loved learning the Montenegrin stitch, but just tolerated the Italian cross over 3

Satin stitch always looks lush and fabulous, especially with silk, but I had more frogging in the satin stitch bands than the whole rest of the sampler.

Eyelets, lots of eyelets.  I'm rather proud of myself for actually stitching them instead of swapping them out for smyrna crosses like I usually do.  Dare I say, but I actually got to enjoy stitching the eyelets.

I think its time for Jane Rees to come out and play.  The last photo I can find of her is from April 2009.  I know I've worked on her since then, but not a lot.  As you can see, there's a LOT more to be stitched.