Friday, September 30, 2011

Froth and Bubble finishes

A few amazing stitchers out there decided they liked my small design enough to not only stitch it, but to finish-finish it as well.  Now I know why designers design.  The sense of satisfaction you get when you see someone else likes it enough to invest the time into working on it is better than a shopping high.  I know I provided a bit of incentive, but now I'm glad I did.

First up is Myra's finish.  She gave the witch twins some adorable purple frocks and used safety pins as a hanger.  I totally love it!

Ranae gave them some witchy-green faces.  Maybe too much eye of newt in that cauldron?

Then there was Carol.  She stitched her design over 1, and added in a spoon.  I love her addition, and I'm tempted to stitch this again, copying her interpretation.

I love how each of these talented ladies took a simple design, and made adjustments to it to make it their own.  Well done!  As promised, I have some packages all packed up and ready to go to the post office.


cucki said...

aww they are all so sweet..well done ladies :)
i will start mine soon too.
big hugs cucki xx

Siobhan said...

They are all adorable! I love the different finishes, too.

Cindy said...

darling finishes :D....i love getting inspiration from all of you...thank you

Penny said...

What lovely finishes!

Carol said...

Thanks again for designing such a fun chart, Mindi--as you know, I really loved stitching it :)

Laura said...

I finished stitching your chart and had so much fun!!! I really enjoyed every stitch!!! There is a picture on my blog...not a great pic; but I wanted to show everyone!

Paz said...

Monisimas, me parecen adorables.