Friday, September 23, 2011

Back-tracking to post pictures

I had to steal some pictures from the Shepherd's Bush Blog, since I forgot to take them myself.  Don't worry, Teri knows about it and gave me her permission!  I had mentioned a few posts ago I'd stitched Blackbird Designs Morning Star, and finished it as a box topper as shown on the back of the pattern.  This was my second attempt at painting/waxing, and I'm happy with the results.  I have another box painted up for myself, but in a blue theme.  I just need to get the mojo to stitch the design a second time.
BBD Autum Star, finished as a box topper, stitched on
40 ct linen with charted overdyed cotton.
A long time ago (well, a couple of months ago), I'd posted about stitching a sampler to give as a gift for a new baby.  Last night I went to the shower, so here's a picture of the wonderful framing and artwork Jill did.  This was actually a joint gift from both of us.  Kari works for both Shepherd's Bush and Jill.

Its hard to see in the picture, but Jill did the most beautiful pencil drawings of pelicans, dolphins, whales and owls (she calls them Harry Potter owls).  Picking out the mat colors for this was interesting, since we kept waiting for Kari to bring in paint chip samples of what she'd painted the baby's room in.  The inner tan mat is painted with giraffe spots!  Its hard to decide which part I like the most, the giraffe spots or the owls, but the pelicans are pretty awesome too.
L to R - Mindi, Kari, Jill
Kari had no idea who this was for, even though she's seen it in the studio for a couple of months.  In fact, Jill made her do the stretching and mounting, and kept asking for input for the design portion.  She was pretty shocked when she unwrapped the gift last night and saw it.

Thank you to everyone that's stopped by and left a comment.  I swear, tomorrow is the day for me to catch up with responding to comments and reading other blogs.  First thing when I get back from my O-dark:30 Bountiful Baskets pick-up and get a second cup of coffee!  Yes, I've kept up with the Bountiful Baskets, but haven't been cooking quite as many goodies, so not many food pictures to post.  However, maybe there'll be something tomorrow - I have some figs I need to do something with, and I'm thinking some sort of rustic fig tart.


Cathy B said...

What a wonderful sampler for that new baby! A lot of love went into that gift; I'm sure Kari will treasure it!

Siobhan said...

You did a great job on the box! What a fabulous baby gift--I'm sure it will be treasured!

Penny said...

I love the box and the stitched top - really pretty! Love the birth sampler too. The mat is pretty with the drawings - I really like the whales :)