Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thank You!

I want to start off by giving a heartfelt thank you to my followers and the people that leave comments.  This is a brand new blog for me, and every single comment and new follower is noticed and loved.  It means I'm dong something right  I try to answer every comment, and think I've gotten them all, but its not always right away.  Sometimes I'll go a few days, then look at my gmail account and think, omg, how rude, there are people I haven't responded back to.  Well, I guess better late than never.

Reading blogs is also a bit difficult for me.  Well, not reading them, but commenting.  I can read blogs through Google reader, but if I'm at work on my lunch break, the firewall prevents me from going to the blog and commenting.  My method so far has been to mark the post as unread, then then try to get to it when I get home.  However, in the meantime, there's been another 20 new posts.  Some nights I just can't get through all of them.  Hence, people get comments on their posts days, or a week, after it was posted.  Again, I guess better late than never!  Does anyone else have trouble keeping up with it all?

Last week I started on Thomas (or Tom the Turkey as I've been calling him) by Notforgotten Farms.  I blame Kim for this, she posted her start here and I immediately had to pull the pattern.  I'd totally forgotten about this, and with the fall mood I've been in ....  Anyway, here's where I've gotten to in 2 weeks of stitching.  His tail feathers were a lot of fun to stitch.  I'll need to find a good movie to watch while I'm doing his body, lots of monotonous solid stitching.
Notforgotten Farm Thomas, stitched on 35 ct R&R Maria's Breakfast Blend
with assorted overdyed cotton
I also just put the last stitches in Part 2 of Carol's iStitch SAL.  I'm so happy I stitched the whole border earlier, it made this part much less daunting, since I've been short on time.
iStitch Mystery SAL stitched on 35 ct Weeks Grape Ice
with HDF Old Maid of the Vineyard
I also have some bad news about my iStitch piece.  I realized the linen isn't 40 count, but 35.  Obviously its too big to go on the top of the box from Hobby Lobby, so I need to figure out what I'm going to do with it.  Oh well, I'm looking at this as a chance to see how everyone else stitches it, and what colors they use, and I can stitch it a second time, for the box.  I'm thinking in red or black, since I plan on painting the box a dark grey, then a top coat of cream, and slightly distressing the top coat so the grey shows through.

I had another small start, which I really shouldn't have done.  No clue why, I need another start like I need a hole in my head.  Not to mention, I normally dislike Lizzie Kate designs.  Don't get me wrong, they're cute, and fun to stitch, but I get done with it, and think why the hell did I stitch this, I don't want it anywhere in my house, its not my style.  That would be why I gave away Christmas Rules, which I stitched last year.  I even converted it to silks, and muted the colors some.  Oh well, here's an absolutely horrible picture of 6 Fat Men, and yes, I totally changed colors to make it a bit more subdued.
LK 6 Fat Men on 36ct LL Meadow Rue
with assorted overdyed cotton
A lot of people have been posting pictures recently of their Mary Allen (Village Sampler).  I dug mine out, and yes, I mean literally dug, as you can see by the wrinkles.  Its been a year since I worked on her, but she's such a fun stitch, with all the different sayings and the fun colors.
Samplers Remembered Mary Allen on
36/40 unevenweave with HDF silks
I stopped by WalMart yesterday to pick up some milk, after the Bountiful Baskets pickups.  All the school supplies were out, and I found something.  Remember those ugly composition books, with the fake black and white marbling on the cover?  Look what they're doing now!

Stripes!  Checkerboard!  Circles!  Plaid!  Basketweave!  These are awesome, especially since they're still only $.40.  That's right, forty CENTS!

I'm using one as a not-diary.  No clue what to call it, but just a place to write down notes, make lists, and generally try to keep myself organized.

I'm a bit of a procrastinator, and when I use lists, they help me.  Speaking of, one of those items that isn't crossed off is to go finish something, that should have been in the mail a week or 2 ago.


Penny said...

Comments are nice anytime! Love the colors in Thomas. Mary Allen is pretty too. I have to stay away from office supply stores-for some reason I can't resist all of the post its, paper, etc. I love to make lists. I don't always accomplish everything on mine, but it's still fun to make one.

Myra said...

I have trouble keeping up with blogs,commenting and answering comments. Sometimes I just have to accept the fact that I can't always comment or respond to all the comments if I want to get any stitching done at all. :o) Thomas is looking great - love those tailfeathers.

Gabi said...

Your stitching is so beautiful. I am drooling over Thomas. Your Mystery and LK are great too. And your stitching Mary Allen too!!! SO glad I found your blog.

Deb said...

The colors in Thomas are so striking! That's a piece that I've totally overlooked but may have to give it a second look. It's really pretty. And love your Mary Allen too. You should work on it again and maybe inspire me to get back to mine.

I think that I feel the same way you do about Lizzie Kate designs. I've done a few and have to say that I haven't done anything with them. Maybe I was just looking for something fun and quicker to stitch than a sampler.

And I have trouble keeping up with blogs and commenting too. I think that sometimes it just becomes overwhelming. I think today is the first time I've had any time to comment in two months.

Siobhan said...

Believe me, I can't keep up with the blogging stuff, either! Which is why I'm always late with comments. I do try to get there eventually but try to get to everybody and it is what it is. Have fun with it and do your best and that's all anybody asks of it, right?! ;)

Your Tom Turkey is too cute!! I love NFF. I was just thinking of a couple of their designs that I really need to pull out and get working on. Lori does such great autumnal pieces.

I am the same about L*K! I used to be crazed about them but it was when my kids were younger. Now I don't put the stuff out that I did back then--it just doesn't fit in my house. I do like the Halloween Rules and the Christmas Rules, though, and I think the 6 Fat Men is adorable. I also like the snowman that is in one of the Crescent Colours frames.

Beautiful work on Mary Allen! It is such a fun design, isn't it? I love the colors she used in her sampler.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

It is very difficult for me to keep up with the blogs I love. I was thinking of Autumn colors a while ago, and now this Thomas you show. Are you becoming an enabler? All your pieces are lovely. Ah, yes - I'm a note/list maker, too. Do you also love pens? The one there with your not diary matches AND has a nice roller gel feel; right? OK - over to NFF to see about Thomas...

diamondc said...

Mindi: I love all your starts, you make me jealous I am one that starts and just cannot seem to finish, thatis why I joined Up For A Challenge 15 I am getting things done.
Please you donot need to respond to my comments I just love to leave comments about peoples work.
Thank-you for joining my blog.