Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Saturday cooking

I am totally wiped out.  It started with the alarm at 6 am, then it was the green salsa I posted about earlier.

Next it was Mexican style chicken soup (carrots, tomatoes and corn from the 50/50 basket; roasted chilis, onions and garlic from the Mexican pack).

Followed by peach and plum cobber (using super ripe peaches and plums from last week).

I just had to have a little bit of it, and since it was made with some rich (not sweet) ingredients, I just served a small scoop of fat-free Greek yogurt alongside.

I thought I'd finally get a chance to sit down and rest for a bit while my last creation was in the oven, but no, I saw this.
 So I [mostly] cleaned the kitchen (I still need to mop the floor).

Then it was time to take the chocolate chip banana bread out of the oven (had to use up last weeks over-ripe bananas).

I think I've done enough cooking today to last at least a few days.  There isn't any room in the fridge or freezer.  Is it time to finally start working on Part 2 of the iStitch SAL?

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