Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mucking About

To quote Len Goodman from Dancing with the Stars, I need to stop mucking about. No, not mucking out stables, but ignoring my larger projects for the instant gratification of starting new things, or finishing the smaller ones.  If I keep ignoring them, or only working on them once in a blue moon, they'll never get finished.

In my mind I divide up stitching into 2 categories - serious stitching and fun stitching.  Well, there's actually a 3rd category too - things I wouldn't ever consider stitching myself.  Serious stitching is reproduction samplers, and larger projects.  Fun stitching are those things I really enjoy stitching, they're relaxing, easy, and usually quick.  Its that instant gratification thing.

The problem is a lot of fun stitching isn't exactly what I want hanging on the walls in my house.  It just doesn't fit in with my personal style.  My house is NOT country, rustic, cutesy or primitive.  Small exceptions to the country might be made if its French country, and NOT floral.  I guess that's why most of my "fun" stitching is seasonal - I can hang it up for a couple of months, consider it a decoration, and then put it away for the other 9-10 months.

Obviously I need to find a balance.  I haven't had a "large" finish since January, when I had 2.  Well, one of those is sort of cheating since it was a large mystery Quaker I'd been working on for 3 years.  But at least it was a finish, and it looks gorgeous hanging over my bed.  The other finish was the Alpha Trio by Sheepish Designs, stitched as a tribute to Lady, our first family dog.  Yes, I actually voluntarily gave that to my mom as a birthday present.

Back to balance.  Two finishes in January, and who knows how many projects actually started that could be classified as a BAP (I know its over 25), and none of those close to a finish.  I really need to make a point of concentrating on a few of the larger projects, between the fun stitches, and NOT starting more.  Well, at least not starting 5 for every 1 finish.  There needs to be balance between fun and serious stitching, and finishes and new starts.  Does anyone else have this dilemma?

Anyway, I'm going back to my fun stitching for now, since allergies are kicking me in the ass, and I feel like crap.  Sorry about my language, and hopefully I start to feel better soon.  I feel even worse making everyone read through this and I don't even reward with pictures.


CATHI said...

Don't worry! We all have from time to time such days! ;o)

Best wishes for you - hope you are getting better soon!


Chris said...

Hi Mindi,
I feel the same way about my stitching this year. I don't seem to have accomplished much, I have been distracted by exchanges and I haven't finished much of anything. Ugh.
I need to focus.
I hope that your allergies settle down.

Lois said...

I know I'm feeling like I've stitched more small projects this year than usual. I got too over-enthusiastic at the start of this year for making plans for things to stitch each month! Don't plan to do that next year. I've a number of larger projects that I'd really like to complete. Don't be too hard on yourself though. As long as we enjoy what we're stitching at the time that's the main thing.

Annie said...

I'm at the stage in life where I just don't worry about 'stitching goals'. I just stitch what makes me happy at the moment. It's a hobby and one that really acts as cheap therapy!

cucki said...

oh dear dont worry so much..there are some times that when we all feel the same sometimes..
sending you lots of (hugs)
cheer up xxx

Siobhan said...

Girl, you are singing my song! LOL Seriously though, I have been obsessing about this, too. I have too many things started and I find that lends itself to blahs about blogging (how many times can you post WIP pics of the same thing???) and stitching in general. I have a lot of framed samplers and a lot that still needs to be framed and too many WIPs. I don't do much/any seasonal stitching so have decided that I'm going to whittle my way through my WIPs, supplementing it with quicker to finish seasonal things. I'm not into a lot of fuss and frou frou with finishing, which works well since I STINK at finishing, so figure I'll compensate for my inability by focusing on the lack of frou frou and just do what I want to do. I like Annie's attitude about stitching and need to work more towards that!

Carol said...

Since I generally am a one larger project at a time kind of stitcher, I throw in lots of little ones along the way to keep myself happy. Overall, I'm happiest stitching smalls (like your darling witches, Mindi!).

Like, Annie--I'm more into stitching for myself and what makes me happiest :)

Cindy said...

i hear your pain, lol....i generally do the smalls...i think like others that it is the instant gratification....have generally stayed away from the larger projects as i loose interest pretty quickly (i think its more of an age thing!)...but there are several out there that are starting to call my general tho, i mostly stitch for myself and to just enjoy!

Penny said...

I've been trying to finish a big sampler, but find it drives me crazy not to have a finish ~ so I put the big sampler down and stitch quicker things which means the big sampler doesn't get finished. What a circle! :) What's important is that you enjoy what you are doing.
I know what you mean about the allergies ~ hope you're feeling better soon!