Saturday, January 7, 2012

WIPocalypse Update

I started off the 2012 WIPocalypse by working on my Halloween Rules, which I'm doing as a SAL with Myra, Cucki and Ranae.  Myra is stitching hers as individual ornaments and has already posted a pic of her first finish, its adorable!  So adorable my mom wants me to stitch that block for her as a small pillow.  At least she hasn't claimed my full banner yet.

I'm not totally in love with these colors, or the colors on the grey fabric I chose.  I'm hoping it comes together at the end.  Its funny that I normally dislike the cutesy-ness of L*K charts, but despite not loving the colors or how they're working with my fabric, I'm still enjoying stitching this.  I think the reason why is I can pick it up and work on it for short periods of time and still see progress.  Its that instant gratification thing.  With L*K, 30 minutes can be the border of a block, half the saying, or a house.  On Jane Rees, 30 minutes is one or 2 letters.

Here's where I'm at.  If the picture is crappy, blame it on my being lazy and just using my phone.  <3 the new smartphone, take a pic, make a few clicks to add an effect or 2, and then another single click to upload it to Picasa.  No fancy edits, but also not messing around with memory cards, computer, going through 2 programs, etc.  I'm saving all the buttons to sew on at the end, so they don't mess with the Q-snaps.  You might notice a few missing bits, I'm adding a smattering of small JABCO buttons in those places.  So far that's just going to be a tiny candy corn and a bat.

I learned yesterday Quilters don't have the same etiquette as stitchers.  When I went to Mom's quilting class with everyone wanted to see what I was working on, which was great.  But I couldn't control my cringe when one woman came up with a cookie in hand, ate it, and then took the cookie holding finger and ran it right over the white stitched ghost.  What are the 2 golden rules of stitchers?  First, don't touch the stitching, or if you do, have meticulously clean hands.  I don't wash my hands so often to the point I look like a 19th century pot scrubber for nothing.  Second rule (which wasn't violated here) was don't look at the back of the stitching!  Or if you do, don't make disparaging comments, don't be obvious about looking at the back, don't get caught looking at the back and then frowning.  I'll admit, my backs are pretty neat, but they're definitely not so neat you can't tell the back from the front.  If you're one of those, please don't flaunt it to me.

Incoming disclaimer for this next bit - I promise, no affiliation what so ever, I  just love their charts.  I'm talking about Jardin Prive.  Unfortunately those charts come from France and cost a fortune, so I don't own a single one.  I've admired a few of the 3 part Sampler aux Bouquets that have been done in blogland (Theresa with a WIP and Michelle with a finish), but the thought of paying almost $20 for each of the 3 charts just put it out of my reach.  Imagine my happiness when I stumbled on the designer's website, and she sells the charts via PDF, at a reduced rate.  Remember the prices are in Euros, so its still not cheap, but wow, I might be able to get a chart or 2 (or 3)!  I normally hate to cut out an LNS, but my budget is my budget, and were talking about more than a dollar or 2.


And This Little Pig said...

Mindi my mouth is hanging open, she touched your stitching? Wow! I've done quilting courses, and we didn't even eat in the same room as our work. Again Wow. Love the stitching.
LiBBiE in Oz

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I had a look at your link. The charts are beautiful.

If was so thoughtless of that lady to handle your work.

I keep a pack of baby wipes next to me when I stitch and periodically freshen my hands up. It's amazing how fabric can mark just from the oils on your skin.

Lois said...

Nice progress on the L*K! Aargh on the biscuit lady!!!! You'd think she'd have more sense.

cucki said...

very lovely progress on the still waiting for my material..i am sure it will be here by next week..
and big ggrrrr about that biscuit will surely give me some tears that time :(
beautiful charts..
love for you cucki xx

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on L*K. I can't believe the lady ate a cookie and touched your stitching.

Giovanna said...

Looking great! I hope that lady is wearing a big fat bandage on that finger :-) What a nerve!

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh--she touched your stitching?!? What's weird is, I remember going to quilt shows and even at quilt guild, and people would walk with their hands behind their backs to avoid even the look that they might be touching the quilts without the quilter's permission. Shock!!

I think your L*K looks great! What's funny is that I had the same thought--normally L*K is too cute for me (despite the fact that I went through a L*K crazed phase about a decade or so ago) but I just think the Rules series is too cute. Nice work!

Lynn said...

I can't believe how someone can be so thoughtless as to touch your stitching and with dirty hands!

You're making great progress on your LK Halloween. I've been so tempted by these.

The first time I saw Jardin Prive charts I fell in love with them....until I saw the price! Fortunately I also discovered her pdf files and was able to pick up a few. Also Violarium is closing her online store and has several on sale right now.

Chris said...

Rules is looking great.
watch out for those quilters!
I like some of those charts too, thanks for the info on their website.
I am not going to go look. My stitching budget is shot for awhile :)

Myra said...

Squeeeee! I think it looks great Mindi. I am glad you are farther along than I am as seeing yours makes me want to stitch the next one NOW! LOL
I was a quilter before I was a stitcher and the same rules apply as far as touching goes. I think you just encountered an inconsiderate individual. At quilt shows you aren't allowed to touch - period. They usually have ladies with white gloves who will lift a quilt if you want to peek underneath.

Margaret said...

Ack! She touched your stitching with a cookie finger?! EW!!! Very different! That's so weird. I don't think quilters in general do things like that. Must have just been a weird lady. lol! Love your Halloween piece though -- it's pretty! And using the smartphone does sound easier. Isn't it nice when a designer sells pdf charts? So much easier!

Carol said...

Your progress is wonderful, Mindi! I'm not a huge LK fan either, but I've always thought her "Rules" charts were very cute.

I don't know how I would react to someone touching my stitching like that--how inconsiderate!

Didn't know you could do that with your smartphone--maybe I'll have to get my husband to let me borrow his :)

Sally said...

She ate a cookie then touched your stitching???? Big no no! I'd have had to bite my lip so hard to stop myself from calling her something I really shouldn't!!!

Lovely progress on your Halloween Rules.

Laura said...

Cringe!!!! Touching stitching is just not good! It is like going up and touching a Monet for heaven's sake!!!! We need to do a PSA in all of the quilting magazines!!!!

My LNS sells the Jardin Prive charts so if you want to check it out you can go to They do have totally fabulous charts!!!

Have a happy Sunday! I am off to stitch if I can tear myself away from stitching blogs!!!

Anonymous said...

well done on your update
ah Jardin Privé, yes I love them too, and am lucky enough to live in France so don't have to worry about currency conversion rates ^^

As for quilter étiquette - maybe it's because they work on projects that are going to be washed, so it doesn't matter if things get a bit grubby? Whereas with stitching, especially when using hand-dyed threads, we try to keep things clean to avoid having to wash.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I think I would of slapped that cookie eating witch!

Your LK is looking great, yes for some strange reason they're really enjoyable to stitch though not always my cup of tea!

blue star stitcher said...

Ewwww! I'm not sure I could have controlled the urge to snatch it back from her. I like the grey color of the linen you are using. It makes the colors stand out so well.

robindefender said...

Great progress on your Halloween piece!

On my first day at my current job, I hung a Teresa Wentzler piece on my office wall. My boss came in, AND TOUCHED MY SAMPLER!!!! I thought I was going to die of horror. It can be such a shock to the system when people who don't know any better break those major rules, so I feel your pain over the quilter's lack of consideration.

Dani - tkdchick said...

There's something really enjoyable about Lizzie Kate even though it's not often my cup of tea

Ziggyeor said...

I loved those L*K when they came out but the amount for the finish project? eek! I also have PLENTY of Halloween. No more new patterns this year I promised myself.

Oh gee I'm sorry your stitching got touched! I think the only time I've touched stitching was a finished piece that was going around and it gets washed later so no big deal there. Still we eat first then clean up and then stitch!

Teresa S. said...

Just love Jardin Prive also. So glad you found the pdf's.
I actually finished the Sampler Aux Bouquet last year-

Have a great day. I'll be posting something familiar on my blog soon!

Faith... said...

I think your LK Halloween Rules looks great!

A Fellow WIPocalypser

JoAnna said...

This WIP is looking fantastic - can't wait to see the finished piece. And OMG, absolutely cringing at the cookie-eating lady touching your stitching! YIKES! FWIW, I have known many quilters who follow similar no-eating and no-touching rules as stitchers, so I *hope* she was the exception and not the norm.

Ranae said...

Rules is looking great. I have to snap a picc of mine and get it posted.
I never eat or even drink esp. around other stitchers and thier works. How rude! keep your hands to yourself, lol

littledebbie said...

My mom looks at the back of my stitching. I don't mind because she never says a word, except they look neater than what she could have done. :)

I freak if anyone thinks about touching my stitching.

This is on my to do list for next year. Too much to do this year. LOL

Always smiling said...

Love the L*K designs.. how thoughtless of that woman... grrrr!!LOL

Happy stitchy wishes

Chris xx

Joyus said...

Great progress - I have a feeling Halloween Rules will end up on my WIP list at some point this year as I really love it

Michelle said...

Love your progress. But, oh the horror, no touchy the stitchy, lady!!! Glad you were able to find those charts from the designer at a reduced price - that's great!

jennilynn said...

This is gonna look great when it's done. I can't wait for the next update.

Colleen said...

Halloween Rules is super. I'm not a fan of cutesy charts, but there is a charm about this one. I saw Myra's when she posted.
I too like Jardin Prive and they are expensive; thanks for the link. Can't beat PDF's!Looking forward to the next full moon, to see what you are stitching!

Measi said...

Halloween Rules looks fantastic, Mindi!

I've found that most crafters, regardless of craft, don't touch others' work without asking permission first. It's just courtesy. So yeah - definitely not a quilter thing. Just a rude person thing. Hopefully she didn't do any damage!