Saturday, November 19, 2011

Changed Settings

It seems that some people haven't been able to leave comments on my blog, and I was just thinking it was Blogger acting up.  However, I just found out it might have been me that was cutting people off.  I had commenting set to "registered users."  That just got changed to "anyone."  If you end up putting in your own name and URL, your comment comes to me as a no-reply thingy and I can't e-mail back, but at least you can leave a comment.  Hopefully this helps.

Thanks go out to Libbie for letting me know how to fix this.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful new header pictures. Please tell me what pattern this is. Thank you. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Daffycat said...

Actually, it still isn't fixed. There is a cookie problem interfering with people leaving comments on blogs that use the embedded comment form like yours.

If you change your comment form to the pop-up type it will help.
Go to:
Comment Form Placement

If you have changed to the new Blogger interface you will need to temporarily switch back to the old interface before you can do that. (If you see a yellow box at the top of your dashboard that says "Learn More/Swich back" then you have the new interface.

Annie said...

Aren't you the clever one! These really look great with all your embellishments. I probably have a ton of oldies that could be rejuvenated with this technique, but the fear of slicing and dicing is hard to overcome!