Friday, March 22, 2013

Word Play

Its been a long time since I've really devoted any time to this project, and even longer since I've shown any pictures.  December Word Play was completed back in 2011, I worked on November all through 2012 and finally finished it this month, along with October and a start on September.  The whole series is being stitched on one loooong piece of 40 count Flax linen, which I gave a coffee bath.  For those of you that are curious about the specifics, it will be roughly 890 stitches lone (including 5 blanks between each month) and 129 wide.

And here's a pic of the whole thing as of a few days ago (there's been some progress on September since the picture).  Please excuse the wrinkles!

Its a bit strange working backwards, but I don't trust myself to count correctly up to the top, and I'm too lazy I don't want to take the time to baste in the lines.

I'll leave you with some pictures I took while we were at Sea World last week, taking advantage of local resident Fun Passes.  Mom rode the Manta rollercoaster with me, since Dad's back is a ticking time bomb for a 3rd back surgery.

Shamu show

Falcon used to scare off snowy egrets that steal food from the seal and sea lion area

Mom (and Dad next to her, but hidden) on the whirly-gig ride.  This is actually in the children's
area, but what the heck, the park wasn't exactly swamped with kids mid-week in March.

Harbor seal clapping to get attention and hopefully fed some
mackerel (assuming the snowy egret didn't steal it first).


cucki said...

Very sweet stitching...looks like a fun show..
Big hugs x

Parsley said...

Love the word play patterns. I may do those someday.

Margaret said...

I love how the wordplay is coming out. Beautiful!! it's so fun to see them all on one piece of fabric! The Sea World trip looks fun!

butterfly said...

Love all your wordplay stitching, looks like you had some fun, hugs.

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on the word play patterns. Looks gorgeous. Lovely pictures from Sea World.

Carol said...

Wow! That Word Play project will be amazing on one piece of fabric, Mindi!! I can't wait to see it all finished up :)

Looks like lots of fun in the sun at Sea World--with our continuing winter-like temps here in the east, I'm so ready for some sunshine!!

Rachel said...

LOVE Word Play!! It looks fabulous. Quite a work, can't wait to see the other end, LOL. How do you plan to finish it? I miss Sea World, definitely time for a trip south :-)

Pat said...

I love all of the Word Plays. I have them all but haven't stitched any yet. Yours are lovely stitched on one piece.

Giovanna said...

Lovely stitching! The whole project looks wonderful. Great shots of the orcas too - they're beautiful animals.

Kim said...

I LOVE Sea World and miss it so much!!!

I also LOVE your word play stitches, so cute!

xoxo Kim

Kim said...

I LOVE Sea World and I miss it so so much!

I also LOVE you word play stitches! SO cute!

xoxo Kim