Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas was a little bittersweet this year.  For the first time in years we only had 1 golden retriever with us.  Jim and Mary Lou decided it was time for Cheyenne to go to a better place.  Holly and Annie decided to make up for the loss by being extra cute.
Annie just barely holding still long enough to snap a pic

Holly sitting nicely for her picture

We revived the tradition of going to the theater by attending the Christmas Pops concert at Copley Symphony Hall.  I had to illegally snap this picture.  I wish I'd been able to get a picture of the conductor's pants.  Wild!

Jim and Mary Lou at Copley Hall

Mom and Dad at dinner before the concert
We always play dominoes in the evening, Mom and Jim are the usual cheaters winners, I either win or lose spectacularly.

We always have a puzzle in works in the living room, a quiet escape from the madness in the family/kitchen area.  This year we blazed through the first puzzle in 24 hours so had to find a second one.  I always like the 1000 piece puzzles, but mom and Jim lobby for the easy 500 piece ones.

Sweets are always lined up on the dining room sideboard.  They change out daily.  As one kind disappears, something new shows up to tempt you.

Our tree before the presents were unwrapped.  Only a fraction of the ornaments we have made it 
on the tree this year.  My own tree is just a bit different - I have an extensive collection of Swarovski crystal snowflakes and sterling silver ornaments.

A typical low-key day.  Notice that Annie isn't picky about who's lap she's in.

Annie getting in the middle of unwrapping presents.

Mom makes out like a bandit each year.  Dad and I buy things for her, but she always has it in her mind we won't shop for her, so she buys for herself too.  Well, let me amend that.  I buy and wrap, Dad pays me back.  

After Christmas dinner my uncle and his daughter arrived.  It was sort of a surprise last minute thing.  Luckily his hellions sons were with the witch his ex-wife.  I need to find a picture of Delaney, I think I took it with mom's phone.  She's very special.  So special that I'll forgive her for leaving germs behind and we now have a house with 3 sick people, and I just spent the last 2 days bringing mom meals in bed.


Giovanna said...

Looks like a great time - thanks for sharing your lovely shots, and a Happy 2013 to you all.

Parsley said...

I LOVE that you showed pics of the dogs. I didn't know you had a Golden. What is the other?

Happy New Year!

Margaret said...

Love seeing the pics of your family Christmas. Looks like a wonderful time! Bummer that everyone is sick now though. Hope everyone is better soon. Happy New Year!

Vickie said...

Thank you for sharing your good times. Sorry you all are not well. A Blessed, Happy New Year to you!

Nicola said...

It looks like you had a perfect Christmas spent with those you love. It is a family tradition that we have a jigsaw each Christmas which the whole family works on.

Connie said...

Nice tradition with the jigsaw puzzle! You've reminded me of how much I enjoy them - and how long it's been since I've had one out.

Catherine said...

Hope you all are better soon! Thanks for sharing pics of your lovely family and cute pups!
Have a happy NewYear!

Myra said...

Oh I hope you all feel better soon. The dogs are so cute with their holiday attire. :o) Happy 2013!

Chris said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday. I love reading about how different people spend the holidays!
Happy New Year!
I hope that everyone is well soon!
I am going to pull out my Bristol Sampler.