Thursday, December 15, 2011

Princess Annie

Princess Annie decided to mark the new quilt on my bed as hers.  Normally she's up on the pillows so she can look out the window.  That brown fuzzy blanket is supposed to be "Annie Spot."  She understands the words, but likes to flaunt her disobedience.  I wonder if she's been taking lessons from Master Stewey.

6 Fat Men got a bit more stitched, but is now packed up until I can get some more white floss.  I'm stitching with a single strand over 2 on 36 count linen, and I'm estimating this project will need 3 skeins of whatever white you choose.  I obviously didn't think about that when I kitted it, since I only got one skein of Crescent Colors Eggshell.  The Bush is sending me more (along with the January Word Play!).

For years I've been wanting to stitch Prairie Schoolers 12 Days of Christmas (the small version) as a set of ornaments.  Finally I just did it.  Days 1 and 2 are done, and now I'm wondering if my fabric piece is big enough.  I'm going to make it big enough, it just means I'm not going to have much of a margin on some of them for finishing.  Oh well, I'll deal with it, I usually find a way.

I finally got honest with myself the other day and made "The List."  This would be a list of all my WIPs, at least all the ones I have here in San Diego.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, just over 50.  Yeah, some of you gasping in shock, but I've told you before, I have absolutely no restraint when it comes to starting something.  Attention span of a gnat.  You'll find "The List" over on my 2012 WIPocalypse page. Now you know why I signed up for that SAL.  Oh, and part of the reason why my list wasn't as long as I thought it shoold be was because of the "Kitted" list.  That was over 40 and I have a feeling a few of those might make their way onto the WIP list.  Measi said we could have new starts!

I added a linky list over on my left sidebar for the L*K Halloween SAL.  I'm really looking forward to the group motivation to get this done.  Honestly, I'm getting a bit tired of stitching ornaments and cutesy stuff, and Ann Smith is calling out to me.  Maybe I can find a way to squeeze some of her in before New Year's and the official kick-off.

Tuesday night I cooked dinner, and while the food turned out well, the best part was after dinner.  I did some braised lamb shanks.

We let Annie bring out some of her instincts and gnaw on the bone.  Very closely supervised of course.  I really doubt she has the jaw strength to break one of the bones, be we didn't want to take any chances.  She's a pampered house pet, not a wild dob, and not used to dealing with sharp bones.

After a bit she got to play with the bone herself.

Spoiled little pooch, we tried to feed her something else at the same time, which she'd normally gobble up;  this time she spit it out and went back to her bone.  We paid for spoiling her with the rich food by cleaning up vomit the next day.  She wasn't seriously sick, so I bet she thinks it was worth it, and I do as well, just for the amusement factor.  It was a blast watching her get so excited over those bones.


Vonna said...

How very beautiful your Fat Men are looking. Did you change the colors or the threads? yours looks so much more subtle coloring than mine. I love it!
Those lamb shanks looks delicious!
I too have thought very hard about those PS 12 days :)

Margaret said...

Your snowmen (fat men) are so cute! I want to stitch those 12 Days of Christmas for my tree sometime as well. Are you using DMC? They look so pretty! I hope you have enough fabric. Your pup is so cute! And disobedient! lol!

Chris said...

The fat men are looking great and so does the tree quilt on your bed!
I can't even think about making a list of my WIPS.

Lesleyanne said...

Your six fat men look great. Thanks for the tip about the white thread. Your two PS finishes are great too.

cucki said...

wow snowman are so sweet..i love them so much..and tree quilt on your bed is beautiful too..
princess annie is so sweettttt :)
12 days of christmas is really very beautiful stitching project..i love it with my heart..
keep well..hugs for you cucki xx

Carol said...

I really like the look of your 6 Fat Men with only one thread on 36 ct., Mindi--very soft and nice. But, boy, that is a lot of white thread!! I love the Crescent Colours for coverage though so I guess it's not a problem for all of those snowmen.

Wow! Over 50 WIPs!! As a one-project-at-a-time stitcher I can't even imagine!! Maybe I'll branch out a bit in 2012 and start several :)

dixiesamplar said...

Great progress on Fat Men, and 12 days is going to be fantastic when they are finished! Wait, did you say 50 WIPs AND 40 kitted??!!...That's, hold on, (counting fingers and toes) Lord, Mindi...that's 90!! LMBO, and I thought I was bad with 4 WIPs and 4 kitted!!!!!! Good luck with're a braver soul than I!

Dinner sounds delicious, and Annie is adorable...sounds like a wonderful evening for you both.

Michelle said...

Fat Men look great, and I hope you get some more Eggshell soon! I've joined the WIPocalypse too. It will be good to get some of these WIPs done and dusted.

Sally said...

I love how your Fat Men are coming along. Your 12 Days are looking lovely too.

Oh how cute Princess Annie is!